Cuetec Gets an Updated Logo

August 3, 2018 (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ) – Cuetec, a brand well known for their high quality professional and recreational cues, has announced a major change to its brand identity. On August 1, 2018 a new modern logo was released. The new look will appear on all Cuetec branded marketing materials and products moving forward.

Since the brand’s launch in 1989, Cuetec’s logo has been a cursive wordmark with a cue stick at the cross-section of the “T.” However, while the cursive of the original Cuetec logo is classic, it no longer represents the future of the brand. The new logo is modern and sleek with clear italic letters, sharp edges and even an element on the “T” that pays homage to its predecessor.

Cuetec Logo

“Our goal for the new logo was to move away from the soft elegance of the original and move towards a stronger, sharper logo that says cutting edge. Because ultimately, Cuetec is and always has been on top when it comes to cue technology and innovation,” says Deanna Palma, Marketing Manager for Imperial.

Of course, the transition to the new logo will take time but the Cuetec factory has already begun manufacturing product featuring the update. With the launch of the new Carbon Composite shaft rapidly approaching, the logo change seems like a natural evolution for Cuetec. In fact, it is only the first in a series of changes coming for the brand over the next year. The next chapter for Cuetec will be an exciting one.