March 22, 2022

Cynergy Shaft Comparison

Selecting the correct shaft for your game, is often an equation as complex as making them, and it’s for that reason that the Cynergy 12.5, 11.8 and 10.5 offer distinct advantages and compromises to suit every player’s unique stroke and playing style.

Cynergy 12.5
The Cynergy 12.5 Shaft redefined carbon fiber composite shaft performance. Offering players the feel and feedback of a traditional wood shaft, but with the increased accuracy, power, and longevity that carbon fiber has been known for. Featuring the largest diameter in the Cynergy playing shaft family and a 15.5” super-straight taper, the Cynergy 12.5 is remarkably easy to adapt to.

Cynergy 11.8
Building off the success of the Cynergy 12.5, the Cynergy 11.8 shaft offers players increased room for pin-point exact tip placement and creates tremendous spin. Featuring a 9.6” super straight taper and increased front-end mass reduction, the Cynergy 11.8 provides intermediate to advanced players the control their games demand.

Cynergy 10.5
Developed for “Small-Ball” and extra-small diameter players, the Cynergy 10.5 offers players astounding power delivery and pure potting accuracy. Utilizing a hybrid-conical taper for increased energy transfer (the stiffest of the Cynergy playing shaft family), the Cynergy 10.5 was engineered for a large table and heavy (slow) cloth environments. These features paired with Cynergy’s core construction components make the 10.5 the first truly multi-disciplinary shaft. The Cynergy 10.5 is designed for advanced cueists.