Limited lifetime warrantee

The cue must be registered on our website within 60 days of purchase to activate the warranty. Limited lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the cue and is not transferable. The cue must be purchased through an authorized Cuetec dealer. Please do not make warranty claims directly to Cuetec or Imperial International, agent for Cuetec in the United States. Warranty claims start with the dealer where the cue was purchased. In the unlikely event you discover a flaw in your cue, do not attempt to repair it. The dealer will then contact Imperial International for resolution.

Imperial International reserves the right to repair or replace the cue at their discretion. Cuetec Cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects. Warrantee covers all manufacturer and material defects including warpage. True Cuetec Cue straightness is determined by sighting the cue as opposed to rolling it on a pool table. Warrantee does not cover normal wear and tear items like, but not necessarily limited to, tips, ferrules, rubber bumpers, finish, and wraps or grips. Warrantee does not cover misuse, abuse, or mishandling of the cue. Warrantee is void if the cue is modified or if improper maintenance is performed.

Sell through Guarantee

If you can’t sell a cue that you bought from us please feel free to return it and get credit for the amount you paid for it. Only un-chalked, unused, non-shelf worn and current model cues may be returned under this guarantee. In other words, subject to inspection, if it is re-sellable we will take it back and issue credit or replace with another cue Minimum advertised price (MAP).

All authorized dealers must display MSRP along with MAP. MAP formula is 20% off MSRP as posted at and