March 28, 2017


How can I loosen the joint if it becomes hard to screw together?

Sometimes the cue becomes difficult to screw together. This may happen due to some atmospheric or weather conditions such as excess heat, cold, or humidity. The solution is to use a silicone or graphite lubricant. Preferably something that is not oily. A drop or two of Liquid Wrench also was recommended to me by a player. Also, take care when screwing your cue together as cross-threading will also cause this problem.

What is the best way to keep the shaft smooth?

Fiberglass coated shafts: Avoid using anything abrasive or caustic at all costs when you want to clean your cue as these types of cleaners will strip the Tru-Glide finish and immediately void the warranty. Regular wiping with a damp rag or paper towel will go a long way in keeping your cue clean and smooth. You can dilute a little dish soap for added cleaning ability. Use Cuetec Hi-Tech for maximum cleaning and conditioning. Light sanding or buffing with 2200 grit sandpaper will help to buff out minor scratches.

R360: Please bear in mind that the R360 shaft is a wood shaft, not fiberglass coated, as Cuetec has long been known for. All of the procedures for cleaning, maintaining, and conditioning the shaft apply. There are a variety of products out there to smooth those rough spots that may develop over time and bring back the smoothness. It may be of benefit to condition, burnish, and maybe even wax your new cue right out of the bag so it plays to your expectations.

How can I fix the clicking sound in the cue?

Most Cuetec two-piece professional cues, fiberglass coated or wood R360 are weight adjustable. Sometimes over the course of time, these weights may move ever so slightly apart from each other. An 18-ounce cue has no weights in it so it is unlikely you will have this issue come up in an 18-ounce cue. A 19-ounce cue will likely come with one 1 ounce weight but may come with two ½ ounce weights. A 20 and 21-ounce cue will have multiple weight bolts in it. In these situations simply unscrew the butt cap with the rubber bumper on it (do not remove rubber bumper only), remove the weight bolts with either a Phillips or flat head screwdriver, and then replace them snugly back into the weight bolt cavity. Put the butt cap with rubber bumper back on the cue and you should be good to go.

How do you adjust the weight of the cue?

All of the professional Cuetec Cue models, fiberglass over wood or R360, are weight adjustable. The way to access the weight bolt cavity is to simply unscrew the butt cap with the rubber bumper on it. Do not remove rubber bumper only as it is attached using a special glue and heat to stay in your cue. It is virtually impossible to replace it once it is out. You then would need to purchase a new replacement butt cap with bumper.

What is the best way to replace the tip?

Make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and dry and all of the old tip and glue are removed. There are many types of glues out there to use when replacing the tip on a cue. We have found that some brand of superglue gel works best on Cuetec Cues. Gel because it is not absorbed into the wood or ferrule making it difficult to adhere. I usually recommend the brand Loctite. Remember, a little goes a long way.