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Axis Glove Noir

SKU: 95-743-XX
MSRP: $24.00

2024 Cuetec Axis Glove Noir Edition Logo Lock Up

Breathable comfort from any angle. Your bridge is an important part of your game’s foundation, and on-table success is built on that same solid foundation. Axis Gloves feature a durable, ultra low-friction surface paired with cool-flow breathable mesh that is reinforced with double stitching to provide players with a smoother and more consistent stroke. The result is a better foundation to give your game the X-factor. See the size chart below to locate your perfect fit.

  • Black with black stitching and logo
  • Ultra low-friction surface material
  • Under-Cuff wrist enclosure
  • Double stitched construction
  • Non-slip palm heel pad
  • Easy-peel removal tab