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AVID Proof Brown LTC

SKU: 95-326LTC / LTC-K / LTC-S
MSRP: $399.00

2023 Cuetec AVID Proof Series Logo Lock-Up

Greatness From Humble Beginnings.

Skyler Woodward’s new AVID Proof series cues are just that, proof. Proof that competitive players can not only perform, but excel at the game’s highest level without being born with a silver-spoon in their mouths. Utilizing AVID’s advanced glass-bonded technology and featuring a design inspired by the blue grass instruments and rich oak casks of the distilleries that call Kentucky home, every AVID Proof cue arrives with the accuracy, power, and control needed to remind the game’s big spenders that they might have been better off saving for a rainy day – or to pay off for the next set.

• Player’s Choice of 11.75mm12.25mm, or 12.75mm AVID LD Shaft
• AVID Super Straight Taper
• Whiskey stained maple with black and creme accents
• Five point forearm and five window butt sleeve
• Black lizard skin patterned Leather-Tec Wrap
• Gloss black butt cap and joint collar
• Duo Smart Extension Ready Bumper
• Acueweight generation II adjustment system
• CT logo joint protectors


95-326LTC: AVID Proof Brown LTC 12.75mm Shaft
95-326LTC-K: AVID Proof Brown LTC 12.25mm Shaft
95-326LTC-S: AVID Proof Brown LTC 11.75mm Shaft


Designed and developed around Cuetec’s ground-breaking AVID technology, Proof series cues deliver high performance accuracy, power, and control without needing to check your credit score. Featuring AVID’s advanced glass-bonded technology, the second generation Acueweight adjustment system, and compatible with both the Duo ultra-light extension and the entire line of Cynergy composite shafts, Proof series cues are ready to take your game from the local bar box to the global stage.

Skyler Woodward, the Blue-Grass Badass himself said it best, ‘I chose to play with AVID, and you can see how my game has improved in less than a year, but what I really love is taking down an opponent that’s using equipment that costs as much as a small car or a kid’s tuition – that always gives me a big smile.”

2023 Cuetec AVID Proof Group Shot 1

Additional information

Cue & Shaft Specs

Standard Butt Length 29"
Standard Shaft Length: 29”
Standard Tip: Tiger® Everest Laminated (medium)
Joint: 3/8×14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black
Standard Cue & Shaft Weight: 19oz (Acueweight adjustable in 0.25 oz. increments)
Standard Shaft Weight: 3.8oz
Wrap: Lizard skin patterned Leather-Tec
MSRP: $399