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SKU: 13-99280
MSRP: $229.00

  • 58″ two-piece poolcue
  • 13mm Tiger Everest ten layer Pigskin tip
  • Polycarbonate ferrule
  • S.S.T. shaft with fiberglass bonded to Maple
  • Tru-Glide finish
  • 3/8″ x 14″ joint pin
  • Black implex joint collar and butt cap with chrome trim rings
  • Veltex wrap for sure grip
  • Graphite coated shaft to match butt color
  • Acueweight adjustable
  • Durable rubber bumper
  • Accepts the 6” Cuetec Smart Extension


Black graphite forearm and butt sleeve to match the black graphite coated shaft. The pool cue has a black Veltex grip to match the black Implex butt cap and joint collar.

The Cuetec Graphite Series Pool Cues are great playing cues that also offer an enhanced break. They feature a Tiger Everest ten layer Pigskin tip with a red replacement indicator layer, Polycarbonate ferrule for impact absorption, Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.) shaft featuring a 15½” pro taper and Tru-Glide finish for an ultra-smooth comfortable stroke. Graphite is bonded to Grade A North American Maple for warp, dent, ding, and scratch resistance. Black implex accents with a matching Hardwood butt featuring Cuetec’s famous Veltex wrap for a sure grip in classic colors all at prices everyone can afford. The Acueweight weight adjustment system makes it easy to customize the weight and balance. Simply unscrew the black implex butt cap with bumper attached (do not remove the bumper) to adjust weight and balance with a flat or Phillips head screwdriver. Weights are available in ½ and 1-ounce increments (sold separately).

Additional information

Cue Type

Two Piece

Cue Length


Cue Joint

3/8" x 14"

Shaft Color

Dark Gray, Black

Butt Color



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