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SKU: 13-99454
MSRP: $220.00

  • 2-piece 58-in. cue
  • Exclusive S.S.T. shaft has a core of maple bonded to fiberglass
  • 13mm Tiger Everest 10 layer pigskin tip
  • Handle is made with select hardwood with an Irish Linen grip
  • Stainless steel joint and butt cap
  • Solid rubber bumper
  • Accepts the 6” Cuetec Smart Extension
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Black with white 4 prong design on a white Birdseye Maple background connected to an intricate black, white, and brown graphic design on the forearm. The same intricate black, white, and brown graphic design is also on the butt sleeve. The black with white spot genuine Irish Linen is flanked by silver laser graphic design rings.

All Cuetec Natural Series Fiberglass Cues have these great features. Each cue has an S.S.T. super slim 15 1/2-inch Pro-Tapered, power-bonded fiberglass shaft. This shaft uses a wood core bonded to fiberglass and coated with our exclusive TRUE-GLIDE eliminating drag and giving you a smooth stroke every time. They also feature a Tiger Everest 10 layer laminated pigskin glue on tip that is designed to hold chalk better to provide better cue ball control and consistency. A high quality ABS ferrule provides the ultimate transfer of energy from shaft to the cue tip while helping to control vibration and cue ball deflection; polished stainless steel joint with matching butt cap. They all have Cuetec’s exclusive Acueweight system that allows the player to customize the cue weight and balance quickly and easily. Simply unscrew by hand the butt cap with bumper attached (do not unscrew the bumper) and add or remove weights to provide your exact weight preference. Weights are available in 1/2-oz. or 1-oz. increments (sold separately). This cue has a Irish Linen grip, polished stainless steel joint and matching butt cap, and a maple oval design.

Additional information

Cue Type

Two Piece

Cue Length


Shaft Color


Butt Color

Brown, White, Black


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