Cuetec Butt


The Bottom Half of the Cue is Commonly Referred to as the Butt of the Cue.

It is normally 29″ from the top of the joint (not including the Pin length), to the bottom of the Butt Sleeve (not including the Bumper). This is where the cue’s design and personality are and probably most of the price depending on the woods and materials used for these designs. Even though the Shaft, the business end of the cue, is the most important part of the cue when it comes to actually how the cue performs, the Butt end is important in three major ways that will affect play:

  1. The player must be comfortable with the type of Wrap or Grip on the cue.
  2. The player must be happy with the balance the Butt end provides.
  3. Lastly, since the Butt end of the cue is where most of the weight is, the player must be comfortable with the weight of the cue.

Not having anything to do with the actual performance of the cue is how it looks. The Butt end of the cue is where all the design work is.

The basic parts of the Butt are:

  • The Joint is normally about 1″ in length, includes the Screw or Pin (not included in the actual length of the joint), the Joint Collar itself, and any related Trim Rings.
  • The Forearm, about 11″ in length, is the section of the Butt from the Joint to the top of the Wrap or Grip. This is where all of the “eye appeal” of the cue is. The design of the Forearm can be made simply of natural, stained, or painted woods or can have intricate designs that may include transfers and/or designs of inlays using woods or other materials.
  • The Wrap or Grip, about the next 12″, is the section from the bottom of the Forearm to the top of the Butt Sleeve. The following are used by Cuetec:
  • Irish Linen – A pressed and polished threading wrapped tightly around the middle section of the Butt. Cuetec uses mostly black with white spot pressed and polished Irish Linen.
  • Veltex – A black matte finish material designed to be durable, smooth, and yet easy to attain a firm non-slip grip.
  • P/U Sports Grip – This is a polyurethane grip with a cushiony and rubberized feel with a sporty, contemporary look.
  • Plain Wood – There is no special Grip or Wrap here. A certain look of elegance created solely by the wood used for the cue.


The Butt Sleeve is the bottom 5″ and may or may not include a Butt Cap. Made separately and usually cored out for weight balance and weight adjustment on models with the weight adjustable feature. Typically resembles the Forearm in design.

The Bumper is usually a rubber piece there to protect the bottom of the cue from damage.

Weight Adjustment Instructions:


  1. Unscrew entire chrome or black plastic, depending on the model, butt cap with rubber bumper attached. Do not remove rubber bumper by itself.
  2. Using at least a 6″ Phillips Head or Flat Head screwdriver add or remove weight bolts recessed in the cavity. Bear in mind there are no weights in the 18-ounce cue and there is a 21-ounce maximum weight.
  3. Screw-in weight bolts, available in 1 or ½ ounce increments, all of the way or partially depending on your balance preference.
  4. If using more than one weight bolt be sure to abut them snugly but do not overtighten. If at some point you hear a clicking sound from the butt, unscrew and reset the weight bolts snugly.
  5. Replace butt cap

Cuetec Smart Extension Works exclusively with any Cuetec weight adjustable model. Quickly and easily adds 6″ to the overall length of the cue.


  1. Simply unscrew existing butt cap with bumper as if adjusting the weight
  2. Screw-in the Cuetec Smart Extension
  3. Leave as is or swap back and forth as needed
  4. Useful for making those hard to reach shots without a bridge
  5. Conveniently fits in most cue case accessory pouches